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Privacy Policy


Urban Plan Inc. (“the company”) uses customers’ information (“personal information”) for the purposes below. The company will provide useful information for customers. When the company deals with personal information, the company recognizes the importance of the personal information and the company observes laws and regulations regarding personal information protection, and the company will properly deal with the personal information.

The scope the privacy policy is applied to

The company acquires the personal information for utilization purposes below. If the company acquires the personal information for other purposes that are not specified here, the company will show clearly the utilization purpose beforehand.

  • To provide information and related activities.
  • To validate and evaluate individuals.
  • To aggregate and analyze the personal information statistically, and change the personal information into a form in which the individual cannot be recognized, and create statistical data from them.

Proper acquisition

The company will not acquire users’ personal information by false pretenses or other incorrect means.
The company will utilize the personal information within the scope defined under the “utilization purpose.”

Provision to third party

The company will not provide personal information to any third party except in the cases below.

  • When providing to companies and organizations wherein the user has agreed beforehand.
  • When it is based on regulations.
  • When it is needed to protect person’s life, body and property and it is difficult to get prior agreement from the user.
  • When it is especially needed to improve public health or promote healthy fostering of children and it is difficult to get prior agreement from the user.
  • When it is needed to cooperate with government institutions, local governments, or a party in their commission, to implement duties defined by regulations, and there is a risk of obstacles to the implementation of the duties by acquiring agreement from user.

Safety management

The company takes necessary and appropriate measures to ensure the prevention of any leakage, loss or damage of the personal information dealt with, as well as the otherwise secure management of the personal information.


The secondary use of information, pictures and reports, that the company provides, without the right holder’s permission, such as reproduction, misappropriation and sales, is strictly forbitten.


The company will possibly amend the privacy policy, according to change of regulations and other rules, to protect users’ personal information. When such amendment is made, it will be informed on the website.

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