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In hope of workers to achieve life fulfillment


  • All staff members seek to be highly professional and provide excellent service.

  • Our company continues to have our staff achieve life fulfillment through contribution to customers.

  • We seek to not only create products but to endow them with even greater value.

CEO Message

代表取締役 佐々木
We go to offices, work there, and come back to home. This has been our usual lifestyle. But these days our daily lifestyle is changing.

With changing world affairs and development of IT solutions, society is evolving and it’s becoming possible to work anywhere.
We don’t have to go to our office, and we can use our commute time in a productive way. We can work as we like, anywhere, more freely and comfortably.

These new attitudes are leading to a significant change to the concept of what an office is. The office is taking on a greater meaning than just the traditional value of productivity and efficiency.

We want workers to lead meaningful lives with worthwhile jobs in satisfactory environments.
And we hope all workers achieve life fulfillment.

We have been creating workplaces with a vision. The office is not only a space to do business assignments, but a place which creates innovation, nurtures the corporate identity and archives a workstyle which cannot come about at home or on outside location. That is the office and workplace we believe in.

The workstyle has become free. Would you join us in a quest to free it even more?

Hisashi Sasaki
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Documents of office relocation and renewal

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